Four unforgettable days of Burlesque (and more...) in Como.

Champagne Production is proud to present the annual CLBF event: four days of Burlesque in Como!
Every September Como is transformed: a vintage atmosphere takes hold of the city, with irony, glamour and seduction, hosting the highly successful edition of the International Burlesque Festival.

During the days of the festival the city hosts numerous events in collaboration with shops, bars and clubs in the center, especially with the event that makes our festival unique in the world: the "Burlesque in the City" that involves tourists and comas discovering the and its vintage and historic corners.

There is also room for teaching: you can attend lectures and workshops for all levels with the international burlesque artists. The festival boasts prestigious collaborations with Italian and international performers.

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SPAZIO GLORIA Via Varesina, 72 - 22100 Como +39 392 9999809