On April 14, 2000 the first museum of the Toy Horse opens to the public.

The museum is for everyone, young and old: discover the world of the dear, old toy horse.
The Toy Horse Museum displays 535 horses to the public, manufactured between 1700 and the present day. The pieces have been collected over many years of research, and selected one by one, taking into account not only their aesthetic, evocative and material value, but above all, their emotional value. They are small large sculptures, works of art, also because the toy horse has always occupied the first place in the predilection of children.
Rocking, or tricycle, of wood or papier-mâché, from France, Germany and everywhere, Mario and Arturo, Marie Antoinette and Tatzuo together with the many other noble steeds.
There are many museums and books on dolls, trains and other toys. The horses had perhaps been forgotten, Chicco wanted to collect them all together to offer all the children of the world, yesterday, today and tomorrow, a piece of history that combines curiosity and play. This museum is the first in the world to collect so much history of man's faithful friend, a story that is contained in a book more to live than to read. Passionate from 0 to 100 years, they can admire pieces of great interest, for rarity, value or great simplicity.
See you there!

Tuesday-Friday: 15-19 Saturday: 10-13 and 15-19 Closed on Sunday and Monday. The museum is open in the morning to school institutions and groups.

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Via Tornese, 10 - Grandate (Co) 031 382390