Palazzo Volpi was built in the first half of the century. XVII on the initiative of Bishop Volpiano Volpi, who followed a fortunate ecclesiastical career at the papal court and brought wealth and prestige to his family.

The exhibition of the art collections develops chronologically in the imposing seventeenth-century palace: the most important nucleus of the collections is exhibited in the section dedicated to the Middle Ages with important cycles of frescoes and early medieval sculptures.
On the ground floor there is also the section dedicated to the Renaissance in which the portraits of illustrious men from the museum of the Como humanist Paolo Giovio make the honors of the house.
The first floor is dedicated to paintings ranging from the 16th to the 19th century, most of which are of local origin; the second floor houses the 20th century art collections, with particular attention to the interpreters of Como's abstractionism and to the works of Antonio Sant'Elia, Manlio Rho and Mario Radice.


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