In Piazza Camerlata stands the Fountain, a work of perfect and fragile balance between large circles placed on spheres, the result of the collaboration between Cesare Cattaneo and the abstract painter Mario Radice.

The fountain had to adapt to an anomalous square: in reality a traffic junction, a ring road of vehicles, surrounded by buildings without any particular characterization. From this environmental situation Cattaneo and Radice draw the suggestions for experimenting on the three dimensions the compositional balance that the abstract artists had investigated on the canvases, juxtaposing four spheres interspersed with four rings with an additional ring placed on the ground and vertically. Taken together, these elements identify a controlled composition, in an apparently unstable equilibrium, of circular elements, chosen for their assonance with the fluid and rotating performance of the motor vehicles around the square.
The fountain was built temporarily in the Sempione park in Milan on the occasion of the VI Triennale of 1936.

Piazza Camerlata - 22100 Como