The expression "walled city" indicates the quadrangular area between the walls built between 1159 and 1175, of which three sides still survive.

It is an area of ​​great historical and artistic interest, recent public and private interventions have rediscovered building organisms that highlight typological and decorative elements especially from the XII to XV centuries. The visit, which is exclusively pedestrian since this part of the city has long been closed to traffic, requires observation of the details, the spaces inside the houses (courtyards, porches, loggias, etc.) and the small green spaces. Torre di Porta Vittoria or Porta Torre, is the oldest and most imposing of the medieval towers left. It is the central one and was erected in 1192 together with other defensive works in the city. It has a square plan, is about 40 meters high and, while on the external side it has two arches, on the northern side it has a single arch, formed by a large arch with four overlapping double windows above it.

Piazza Vittoria - 22100 Como