Life Electric
is a monument in honor of Alessandro Volta. It rises in the center of the first basin of Lake Como, positioned in the round terminal part of the breakwater in front of Piazza Cavour.

The work is by the archistar Daniel Libeskind: clean, linear, deeply contextualized to the environment. About 16.50 meters high, it has the shape of two sinusoids that contrast and play with each other between curves and movement. The work blends energetic and scientific elements with natural ones. It creates an ideal third pole located between the Brunate Lighthouse and the Temple of the public gardens. Not surprisingly, both works are dedicated to Volta. The monument lives on the play of light and transparency, so as to coherently fit into the surrounding space respecting the depth and the visual cones included in the whole first basin.


Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola - 22100 Como