On the 4th of November 1894, the first funicular railway reached the town of Brunate from Como station in the immediate vicinity of the lake, in what is now Piazza De Gasperi.

An evocative route, drawn in a straight line on a hilly slope that has the maximum gradient of 55% on a 1084-meter rail, currently traveled in 6 minutes and 30 seconds and with the possibility of two intermediate stops: Como Alta and Carescione, a travelers' request. The carriages in service are capable of carrying 70 people and, in a few minutes, offer one of the most evocative panoramas of the entire Como province, overcoming a difference in altitude of about 500 meters with unparalleled rapidity for similar systems.
The Como-Brunate funicular is unique in Europe and has the ability to bring tourists in a breath, from the lake shore to the "balcony of the Alps".

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