Built in the late 1700s by the Marquise Menafoglio but immediately sold to the Marquis Cornaggia Medici.

Access to the villa was inconvenient and difficult; for this reason the Marquis' daughter built a road, which soon became the public passage of the Comaschi, Geno avenue.
The Cornaggia rebuilt the building, based on a design by Tazzini, and ordered the garden to be ordered; they traced avenues and paths, preserving a large part of the local vegetation and inserting different plantations here and there, with great taste, so that they did not clash but merged into an organic whole.
Passed into property in the municipality of Como, the pre-existing park has undergone a complete demolition work also for the surplus construction of numerous villas, so much so that currently there are only a few trees. The villa has been transformed into a restaurant.
In front of the villa there is a fountain whose jet can reach almost forty meters high.

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