Built around 1830 on a project by the architect Besia assisted by the scenographer Sanquirico (scenographer of the Scala).

The theater was born above all for the interest of wealthy Milanese families, who stayed in Canzo for the summer, and industrial residents (silk industry). It hosted illustrious names in opera and prose. From 1930 it became cinema and slowly degraded. At the end of the 80s the Municipal Administration decided to completely restore it with the maintenance of the original architectural and pictorial characteristics. It aspires to be considered a cultural center of the Lariano Triangle. Located in the main square of the town, the building of the Social Theater of Canzo reflects the canons of neoclassicism and since 1991 has regularly offered its own season of theatrical performances and concerts organized by the Municipality in collaboration with private entities.

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via Volta 2 - 22035 Canzo (CO) 031 670050