Founded almost 200 years ago (1813), Social has always been based on a rigid division of roles and categories.

On the one hand, cultured music; on the other, over the years, engaged prose, light entertainment and research. From this year the music has changed. "The real potential of the Social - emphasizes the artistic director Bruno Dal Bon - is to bring together multiple languages ​​in a harmonious way, making it possible for the audience of music lovers to open up to other areas, and that of prose in turn falls in love with music. I like to think that various audiences are contaminable with each other. And that their enthusiasm can be contagious for everyone, without borders. For this reason, we have launched the formula for "dynamic" subscriptions, that is, they can be modulated at will ». In short, Dal Bon dreams of a theater "where to meet, where to live an important part of the day, as happened in the nineteenth century, when the Society of Palchettisti was founded".
«After a first phase, in which we have taken root in the territory and consolidated our image, with an increasingly intense collaboration with the institutions, we now have long-term prospects: we must think big to fly high, to always have a theater open and packed, to offer a place where not only can you "have fun" with the high notes of a singer or a dance step, but also share a strong cultural experience. That the public feel it as a primary need. Not a luxury or a simple opportunity for recreation, but a necessity ».

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